Grace Lutheran Church is a church family “motivated in mission by the love of Christ.”

We are:

  • A worshiping family, celebrating the presence and grace of God.
  • A serving family, reaching out in the name of Christ to help meet the needs of others.
  • A learning family, growing in faith and understanding as we study the Bible together.
  • A sharing family, passing along to others what God has first given us.
  • A caring family, crying together as we share each other's pain, and rejoicing together as we share each other's joys.

We provide opportunities for Bible studies and discussion groups, Christian education for all ages, worship (both liturgical and informal), family activities, youth programs, Christian fellowship and outreach, and much more.

If you are without a church family at the present time and would like to share in the joy of a warm, growing congregation, or if you would like to learn more about the ministry of Grace Lutheran Church, call the church at (306) 934-1011 or contact us.

We would be pleased if you would join us Sunday for worship.  Check our Programs and Events page for other activities, and our Bulletin Board for current happenings and information. Weight Watchers meetings are held in our facilities.