Overview of Confirmation

Confirmation classes cover the 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, Apostle’s Creed, Holy Baptism, Confession & Absolution and the Lord’s Supper. The classes are intended to give the student a basic understanding of the Christian faith. 

Confirmation classes are offered to those students entering grade 7. These classes are based on Martin Luther’s Small Catechism as an exposition of Scripture and the basic doctrines of the Christian Church. For those students who were baptized as infants the Rite of Confirmation that follows two-years of instruction is an opportunity to affirm that they believe the Christian faith that they were baptized infants. 

Confirmation classes for adults are also based on Luther’s Small Catechism, although the length of instruction will vary depending on a number of factors. Adult Confirmation classes are scheduled on at-need basis, so please contact the church office to make arrangements.